Engage Youth Empowerment Services (EYES)

CPD Standards Office Provider Number: 22597

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Category: Charity & Voluntary Work, Human & Soft Skills, Personal & Professional Development, Safeguarding


Engage Youth Empowerment Services (EYES) is a collaborative grassroots organisation. EYES deliver quality bespoke prevention and intervention projects and services for young people who are vulnerable, at risk or caught up serious anti-social behaviour or are in the criminal justice system.


  • To Provide a safe arena for All young people to express themselves
  • To Engage 10 - 14-year-olds in specifically designed social programmes that include practical strategies which will help to steer them away from negative: peer pressure, gangs, and their influences
  • Engage 15 - 19-year-olds, instil focus and a sense of purpose that will navigate them away from serious anti-social behaviour and youth violence by providing direction, training and focus in their daily lives.
  • To Engage young adults, parents/significant others by networking with private, and public organisations to provide training for entry, and re-entry into education, and or employment
  • To provide a firm foundation for young people to aspire, and live independent lives

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