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CPD Standards Office Provider Number: 60054

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EOPH is a social enterprise company which was created to support the professional development needs of the occupational health profession, providing courses specifically designed for occupational health professionals by occupational health professionals. We are a not-for-profit organisation who uses profit to plough back into developing courses of the highest standard, which will benefit the continuing professional development of those who work in the occupational health field.

Our Faculty is made up of experts, ensuring that our training is evidence-based, relevant to the current context of practice and considers emerging themes in each field. All our instructors have been carefully selected, not only for their professional knowledge and expertise but also for their ability to teach to both small groups and larger conference-style audiences. They are able to deliver educational material using a practical problem-solving approach. All training is tailored to the occupational health sector to ensure that it is relevant to the context of the learner.

Accredited Activities:

  • Essential Ergonomics
  • Travel Health Masterclass
  • Ill Health Retirement Masterclass
  • Honing Report Writing Skills
  • Fitness To Work and Functional Capacity Assessment
  • Upper Limb Ergonomics and Adjustments Workshop
  • Redundancy Selection Criteria and Underlying Health Conditions
  • Reasonable Adjustments in The Workplace
  • Managing Unacceptable Behaviour in The Workplace
  • Understanding And Managing Mental Health
  • Employment Law Course
  • Risk Management
  • MFOM 4 Week Revision Course
  • AFOM MFOM Preparation Course Session 1 Understanding the Principles Of Health And Safety, The Effective Management Of Risk, Including Hazards In The Workplace
  • AFOM MFOM Preparation Course Session 2 – Occupational Hygiene and Assessment Of Risk
  • AFOM MFOM Preparation Course Session 3 – Understanding the Principles of Toxicokinetics, The Impact On Health And Effective Use Of Control Measures.
  • AFOM MFOM Preparation Course Session 4 –
  • Biological Hazards
  • AFOM MFOM Preparation Course Session 5 – Epidemiology and Statistics
  • AFOM MFOM Preparation Course Session 6 Regulated Medicals & Fitness for Work
  • AFOM MFOM Preparation Course Session 7 Employment Law
  • AFOM MFOM Preparation Course Session 8 Mental Health
  • Occupational Health Technician Course
  • AFOM MFOM Preparation Course Session 9 – Preparing for the OSPE
  • A Concise Guide to Supporting Mental Health in the Workplace for Occupational Health Practitioners
  • When Working Skins Stops Working
  • Complex Case Management Masterclass
  • EOPH 2023 Conference for all OH Professionals
  • Advanced Communication Skills for Complex Case Practitioners Course

Who Should Attend:

Our training is aimed at Occupational Health Practitioners and Allied Health professionals, the aim is to provide affordable education of the highest standard to anyone working in the Occupational Health Sector.

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