European College of Aesthetic Medicine & Surgery

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European College of Aesthetic Medicine & Surgery, ECAMS was founded in 2008 with a core mission to provide a “World Class” progressive training & development platform in both surgical and non-surgical Aesthetics.

Our CEO witnessed the industry was poor from training perspective and in many countries Aesthetics was not a regulated activity leading to unsafe practice, so ECAMS aims to build a Global Organisation to close this gap, ultimately to provide the gold standard in Aesthetics training.

ECAMS has 9 departments, each with a globally recognized Head of Faculty in their specialism to develop a strong curriculum to ensure the very best in training and continuous improvement.

Accredited Activities:

  • Module 11A: Introduction & Essentials To Liposuction
  • Module 3: Master Course In Aesthetic Dermatology And The Art Of Thread Lifting
  • Module 21: Master Course In Non-Surgical Facial Transformation
  • Module 11B: Master Course In Advanced Lipoplasty, Body Contouring And Fat Grafting
  • Module 21b: Postgraduate Master Course In Non-Surgical Facial Transformation
  • Module 17: Face & Neck Lifting Including Ancillary Procedure For Panfacial Rejuvenation
  • Module 18C: Master Course In Advanced Non-Surgical Aesthetic Gynecology
  • Module 18D: Master Course In Advanced Aesthetic Gynecology Surgery
  • Module 20C Master Course In Blepharoplasty And Non-Surgical Total Periorbital Transformation
  • Module 25B: Master Course In Hair Transplantation & Science: Essentials And Implementation
  • Module 6: Clinical Mentoring
  • Online Module 1A: Injectables In Aesthetic Medicine
  • Online Module 1B: Aesthetics Dermatology In Aesthetic Medicine
  • Module 11D: Master Course In Ultimate Male Body Definition
  • Module 11E: Master Course In Ultimate Female Body Contouring
  • Module 12A Master Course In Thread Lifting  Techniques
  • Module 14: Master Course In Autologous Facial Fat Grafting With Energy-Based Face & Neck Lifting
  • Module 22: Master Course In Rhinoplasty: Essentials And Advanced
  • Module 88: Anatomy Of A Successful Medical Clinic
  • Module 7: Final Assessment For Fellowship
  • Module 1: Essentials In Botulinum Toxins And Fillers
  • Module M1A: Foundation In Botulinum Toxin Injection
  • Module M1B: Foundation In Filler Injection
  • Module 13A:Masterclass In Primary Breast Augmentation
  • Module 17B: Master Course In Advanced Aesthetic Surgical Facial Rejuvenation
  • Module 20B: Master Course In Aesthetic Blepharoplasty
  • Module 3A: Master Course In Aesthetic Dermatology & Non-Surgical Body Transformation
  • Module 28A: Regenerative Surgery And Medicine: From Blood Derived Growth Factors To Fat Derived Stem Cells
  • Module 28B: Master Course In Regenerative Facial Aesthetic Medicine: From Growth Factors To Stem Cells Injection

Who Should Attend:

  • Any medical doctors or surgeons that is interested in aesthetic business
  • All modules are only for medical doctors or surgeons except module 88: Any medical doctors/ surgeons / any medical clinic staffs

Further Information: