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Our Training Director, Marie Cross is an accomplished speaker and promoter of world-class customer service ideas, tips and strategies designed to ensure you and your people stand out like Purple Cows in your field.

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Accredited Activities:

  • Ultimate Customer Service Training Programme
  • Caring for Customers

Who Should Attend:

Sure, happy customers are nice to have – however DELIGHTED customers who are RAVING FANS with a strong emotional connection to you and your business become BRAND LOYAL. More importantly, they refer and recommend you to others so that your customer base GROWS…and so does your BOTTOM LINE!

The Ultimate Customer Service Training Programme (UCSTP) has been designed UNIQUELY for small business owners to help you ACHIEVE EXACTLY THAT.

It’s for those organisations, like yours, who recognise the only way to separate yourself from your competition is to deliver a customer experience that DIFFERENTIATES YOU from everyone else in your industry – simple!

The UCSTP is BURSTING with 1% ideas, hints and tips guaranteed to make a 100% difference to your customer’s experience so that YOU and your staff are able to SHOW UP and STAND OUT like no one else can or will.

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