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Category: Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals, Leadership and Management, Management, Medical, Mental Health & Wellbeing


The Fratrem Group is a medical education & consultancy company that operates in the UK, EU, USA, Middle East and South Africa.

Accredited Activities:


  • Introduction to Regenerative Medicine and Stem Cell Technology
  • Telehealth: The Elite Masterclass Series
  • Acute Coronary Syndrome: Assessment of Chest Pain
  • Webinar: Clinical Practice Challenges in Post-Covid Patient
  • ASU MENA FRI Certified Assessor
  • CTCs, What tests can we perform on them and what is the clinical use?
  • Current Concepts in Basics of Gene and Cell Therapies, and Regenerative Nanomedicine
  • Neonatal Heart Rate Technology Review
  • Cell Therapies and Regenerative Nanomedicine online workshop
  • Update Management of STEMI (ST-Elevation Myocardial Infarction)
  • CME Masterclass: Robotic Surgery
  • Paediatric Peri-Operative Anxiety: The Past, Present and Future
  • Prehabilitation for Cancer Treatments: Case Study Discussion
  • CME.Harm Reduction in Healthcare and the Impact on Public Health
  • Evidence Review of Nicotine: Information for Use in Clinical Practice
  • Benefits of PreHabilitation Prior to Surgery
  • The Science & Review of the Evidence of Smoke-Free Alternatives
  • Alternatives to Cigarettes: What Are Other Countries Doing?
  • Xenotransplantation – Advances and Barriers – Solution to Growing Shortage of Life-Saving Organ Donations?
  • Antioxidants: Promise or Delusion?
  • Harm Reduction in Healthcare and the Impact on
    Public Health
  • Tele-Prehab: Inclusive and Accessible?
  • Quantum Theory – Understanding and Dealing
  • Magnetic Nanoparticles: Applications for Use in Non-resectable Cancer
  • Risks of Chronic Inflammation as Epigenetic Key Roles of Carcinogenesis
  • Inflammatory Pathology – essential?
  • Morphology Hidden to the Naked Eye, Scanner, and Microscope
  • An Overview of Interventional Psychiatric Neurotechnology for Primary and Secondary Care Professionals
  • Schistosomiasis and Cancer: Associative or Cause
  • Smoke-free Alternatives: Information for Use in Clinical Practice
  • Masterclass: Advancing the Business of Health with Blockchain Technology
  • Masterclass: AI & Tech in Telehealth and Medicine
  • What Are Other Countries Doing for Smoking Cessation and Harm Reduction – Information for Use in Clinical Practice – 1 CME Point

Who Should Attend:

Professions in: Healthcare, Pharma/Biotech professionals, MedTech, IT, authorities and governments.

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