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Category: Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals, Leadership and Management, Management, Medical, Mental Health & Wellbeing


The Fratrem Group is a medical education & consultancy company that operates in the UK, EU, USA, Middle East and South Africa.

Accredited Activities:

  • Neonatal Heart Rate Technology Review
  • Prehabilitation for Cancer Treatments: Case Study Discussion
  • Evidence Review of Nicotine: Information for Use in Clinical Practice
  • Benefits of PreHabilitation Prior to Surgery
  • The Science & Review of the Evidence of Smoke-free Alternatives
  • Alternatives to Cigarettes: What are other countries doing?
  • Harm Reduction in Healthcare and the Impact on Public Health
  • Tele-Prehab: Inclusive and Accessible?
  • Smoke-free Alternatives: Information for Use in Clinical Practice
  • What are other Countries doing for Smoking Cessation and Harm Reduction? Information for Use in Clinical Practice – 1 CME Point
  • An International Review on if Alternatives to Cigarettes Make an Impact on Smoking Prevalence?
  • Challenges of Cyber Security in the 21st Century
  • Law: Dubious Abuse of Power Attorney
  • Social Diseases: Are they all Curable?
  • 100 Years Bose-Einstein Condensation – New Scopes
  • Is Veterinary Research More Than Just an Animal Model for Human Medicine?
  • 30 Years’ Experience of Genetically Modified Food: Challenges & Opportunities
  • Combatting Antimicrobial Resistance – Strategies and Challenges
  • Virtual Reality for Modelling on Molecular and Atomic Level
  • The Evolution of Mitochondria-Targeted Nanotherepeutitics
  • Alzheimer – New Scopes
  • The Naked Mole-Rat; A Non-Traditional Animal Model of Exceptional Biomedical Interest
  • Terrorism – Injuries: Nobody is Immune
  • PARP Inhibitors in Drug Discovery and Clinical Practice

Who Should Attend:

Professions in: Healthcare, Pharma/Biotech professionals, MedTech, IT, authorities and governments.

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