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Category: Business Consulting, Coaching Programmes & Solutions, Project Management


Genome Training and Consulting is a boutique training and consulting firm that offers premium services and solutions. Among its prominent goals holding specialized training courses. The company also manages educational and training programs in collaboration with local and foreign universities, participates in tenders, and provides marketing and administrative consultancy, along with training in these areas. Furthermore, it offers consultancy, development, and training in human resources and project management. At Genome Training and Consulting, we value our clients and seek to provide them with the highest quality services and comprehensive support. With our headquarters in Amman, Jordan, we also seek to ensure that all clients and professionals have access to international standards and best practices. We bring clients the best products and methodologies in order to assist them in the creation, definition, and implementation of projects and programs that complement their vision, their DNA. Therefore, our mission is to provide these standards and best practices in a localized context and language.

EXPERIENCE Capacity Building: Genome offers a range of capacity-building services that can help organizations improve their performance and achieve their goals. Our team of experienced professionals works closely with our clients to identify their specific needs and develop customized capacity-building programs that can help them overcome any challenges they may be facing. Whether it’s through training programs, mentorship, or other initiatives, we are committed to helping our clients build the skills and knowledge they need to succeed.

Development and Humanitarian Aid Unit: Genome team has considerable experience working with a variety of organizations. From local CBOs to INGOs, the team has successfully navigated the various environments in order to deliver successful results. Our expertise is in the MENA region, and we offer services in both English and Arabic languages.

Health Care Education and Training: At Genome, we recognize the importance of healthcare education and training. We are committed to providing high-quality education and training programs for healthcare professionals that can help improve patient outcomes and enhance the overall quality of healthcare. Our team of experienced healthcare professionals works tirelessly to create comprehensive and engaging educational materials that can help healthcare professionals stay up-to-date with the latest advancements in their field.

Startups, Human-Centric Design, and Social Entrepreneurship: As a company, we are passionate about supporting startups, human-centric design, and social entrepreneurship. We believe that these areas have the power to create positive change in the world, and we are committed to providing the necessary resources and support to help them succeed. We work closely with startups to help them bring their ideas to life, and we offer a wide range of services that can help them grow and scale their businesses. Our human-centric design approach ensures that all our projects are centered around the needs and experiences of our users and that social entrepreneurship is geared towards making a positive impact on society.

Mission and Value: Through the use of best practices, workable knowledge, state-of-the-art methodologies, products and services, Genome Training and Consulting aims to provide the best solutions to clients, tailored to the needs of each organization or individual. From its inception, Genome Training and Consulting has aspired to provide companies and organizations with the knowledge and tools necessary to become successful in a fast-paced and constantly evolving environment. Our international team comes from diverse backgrounds with experience in the business, NGO, and governmental sectors. We use this diversity and knowledge to create unique and innovative training and consulting services that fit the needs of any company, organization, or individual.

Our Senior Management: Genome has created a proven methodology for providing clients with optimal training services. Using a multitude of interactive training techniques, Genome’s trainers accommodate all learning styles and make training fun. The combination of international exposure with a unique perspective multisector experience provides Genome a unique perspective on the needs of organizations and how to best approach issues to provide the most sustainable and cost-effective solutions. Our trainers are from all over the world, and we can provide training services in many languages including English, Arabic, French and Spanish.

Accredited Activities:

  • Project Management Professional (PMP)

Who Should Attend:

  1. Project Management – Project managers, aspiring project managers, and professionals looking to enhance their project management skills and earn the PMP certification.
  2. Agile Management – Project Managers, Team Leaders, and Executives.
  3. Lean Six Sigma – Professionals working in roles that involve process improvement.
  4. Risk Management – Project Managers, Risk Managers, Business Analysts, and others involved in project planning and execution.
  5. Emerging Banking Technology: Professionals, including executives, managers, IT professionals, compliance officers, and anyone interested in staying current with banking technology trends and digital transformation.
  6. Business Process Management – Business analysts, process improvement professionals, project managers, operational managers, and anyone interested in optimizing and managing business processes.
  7. Operations Management & Excellence – Managers and Leaders seeking to enhance the quality and overall performance of their units.
  8. Strategic Thinking & Execution- Managers, Leaders, and professionals seeking to enhance their strategic thinking skills.
  9. Creative & Critical Thinking – Professionals and anyone interested in enhancing their creative & critical thinking abilities.
  10. Design & Innovation Thinking – Professionals, designers, product managers, and anyone interested in improving their problem-solving and innovation skills.
  11. Team Building & Teamwork- Managers, Team Leaders, and individuals looking to enhance their teamwork skills.
  12. Adaptability & Resilience- Individuals from all backgrounds who want to enhance their adaptability and resilience skills to better cope with change and adversity.
  13. Pillars of Accountability- Managers, Supervisors, Team Leaders, HR Professionals and Project Managers.
  14. Mini MBA- Managers, Supervisors, Team Leaders, HR Professionals and Project Managers.
  15. Problem Solving & Decision Making – Individuals at all levels, including managers, leaders, team members, and anyone interested in improving their problem-solving and decision-making abilities.
  16. International Marketing in Healthcare- professionals involved in marketing, sales, international business development, and strategic planning roles within organizations operating in or expanding to international markets. It is suitable for individuals seeking to broaden their knowledge of international marketing principles and enhance their ability to drive business growth in a global context.
  17. Market Research in Healthcare- This course is suitable for individuals seeking to enhance their market research skills and contribute to the development and evidence-based decision-making within their organizations.
  18. Academic / Scientific Writing Mastery- The Workshop caters specifically to non-native English-speaking early-stage research scientists, university lecturers, medical doctors, dentists, and pharmacists who have limited or no experience in paper writing.
  19. Research Methods & Securing Research Funding- PhD students seeking to apply for funding opportunities.
  20. Communication & Negotiation Skills- Professionals, managers, team leaders, customer service representatives, and anyone looking to enhance their communication & negotiation skills in practical settings.
  21. Conflict Management – Individuals, managers, team leaders, HR professionals, and anyone interested in acquiring conflict resolution skills.
  22. Leadership- Aspiring leaders, current leaders at various levels, managers, and anyone interested in developing their leadership skills.
  23. Presentation and Body Language- Professionals, managers, leaders, salespeople, and anyone interested in enhancing their presentation skills and body language awareness.
  24. Dealing with Media- Corporate executives and leaders Spokespersons and PR professionals public officials and government representatives Subject matter experts Celebrities and public figures Entrepreneurs and startup founders Academics and researchers.
  25. Relationship Building and Collaboration- Individuals and professionals from various fields, roles, and levels within an organization.
  26. Selling Skills – Sales Professionals at all levels, Business Development representatives, and anyone seeking to improve their persuasion.
  27. Setting Objectives and Time Management- Professionals, managers, and individuals from all levels who want to improve their goal-setting and time management abilities.
  28. Emotional Intelligence- Professionals, Leaders, and any employees seeking to enhance their Emotional Intelligence skills.
  29. Psychological Safety- Leaders, Managers, HR Professionals, Supervisors, and Employees at all levels.
  30. Digital Transformation – Financial Services Professionals, IT, and Technology Professionals.
  31. Analyzing Data Through Excel – Professionals, Analysts, and any employee seeking to enhance their data analysis skills.
  32. Data Management & Visualization- Professionals seeking to enhance their data management and analytics skills for better decision-making and strategic planning.
  33. Microsoft Suite- Business Professionals Administrative Staff IT Professionals Job Seekers Small Business Owners/Entrepreneurs Educators Government Employees.
  34. AI- Developers and Engineers Data Scientists and Analysts Business Professionals Students and Academics Domain Experts General Public Government Officials and Policy makers.
  35. Basic Medicine for Non-Medical Professionals- Administrators in healthcare organizations, first responders, caregivers, individuals working in public health or related fields, or individuals with personal or professional interests in understanding medical concepts and terminology.
  36. Suturing Techniques- Orthopedic Surgeons and Residents/Fellows: Professionals seeking to enhance ACL surgery skills, including autologous tendon harvesting and reconstruction techniques. Surgical Nurses and Assistants: Healthcare professionals involved in orthopedic surgeries looking to expand their expertise in ACL procedures and postoperative care.
  37. Patient-Centered Care-This course is suitable for healthcare professionals, including physicians, nurses, allied health professionals, administrators, and any other individuals involved in patient care. It is designed to enhance participants’ cultural competency skills and promote a patient-centered approach in their professional practice.
  38. Palliative Care- This course is suitable for professionals involved in the care of cancer patients, including clinicians, nurses, counselors, and administrators, aiming to enhance their skills in providing compassionate and comprehensive palliative care to individuals affected by cancer.
  39. Lifestyle Diseases- Physicians, Pharmacists, Nurses and Nurse Practitioners, Dietitians and Nutritionists, Public Health Educators, and Healthcare Administrators.
  40. Pharmacy Primary Health Care & Chronic Care- Pharmacists, pharmacy students, healthcare professionals, and anyone interested in understanding the intersection of pharmacy practice with primary healthcare and chronic care management.
  41. Good Pharmacy Practice & Ethics- Pharmacists, Pharmacy Technicians, Pharmacy Managers and Owners, Pharmacy Students, Pharmaceutical Industry Professionals, and Healthcare Administrators and Policymakers.
  42. Managing Acute Symptoms in Children- Pediatricians, Nurses, Emergency Medicine Physicians, Primary Care Physicians, Pharmacists, Paramedics and Emergency Medical Technicians, and Medical Educators and Students.
  43. Diabetes Care & Education- Nurses, Dietitians, Other HCPs who work directly with diabetic patients, Nursing and medical students, and Individuals with a particular interest in diabetes care.
  44. Healthcare Hospitality and Customer Service- Professionals working in the healthcare industry, specifically those involved in providing hospitality and customer service within healthcare settings. This may include healthcare administrators, front desk staff, receptionists, patient service representatives, nurses, doctors, allied health professionals, and other healthcare support staff.
  45. Molecular Biology Techniques- Biologists and Biochemists, Research Scientists, Laboratory Technicians, Graduate & Post Graduate Students, Ph.D. Candidates, Biotechnology Professionals, Academic Researchers, Medical & Clinical Professionals, Scientific Educators, and Industry Professionals.
  46. Medical Laboratory Assistant (MLA)- Aspiring Medical Laboratory Assistants, Healthcare Professionals Seeking Cross-Training, Medical and Healthcare Students, Lab Technicians and Assistants, Career Changers, Continuing Education Participants, Employment Seekers, Healthcare Institutions and Organizations, and Professional Development Seekers.
  47. ISO- professionals involved in quality management, process improvement, audit management, and organizational excellence. It is designed to benefit individuals responsible for preparing their organizations for ISO certification, including quality managers, internal auditors, and management representatives in the health sector.
  48. Healthcare Data Security, Privacy, and Compliance- IT professionals and Healthcare Support professionals.
  49. Supplier Management and Validation- Professionals who are involved in procurement, supply chain management, vendor management, or quality assurance roles within an organization. This may include purchasing managers, supply chain managers, procurement officers, quality control personnel, or anyone responsible for managing and validating suppliers within their organization.
  50. Customer Centricity & Customer Experience- Customer-facing employees, managers, and executives.

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