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GLOBILITY COACHING was founded in 2011 by MCIM Chartered Marketer and award-winning Cultural Agility & Global Diversity Consultant Marina Ibrahim offering:

🌍 Inclusive Leadership, agility, managing change, alignment, empowerment

🌍 Team performance, effectiveness and communication

🌍 Executive coaching at all levels, from managers to international C-Suite

🌍 Face-to-face and online training solutions

From a German-Egyptian background, Marina's multi-lingual international cultural and marketing experience includes 25 years in marketing & communication, cross-cultural training and coaching in both corporate and international SME environments worldwide.

Marina's unique qualities are:

  • A COSMOPOLITAN ADVANTAGE: reflects her in-depth knowledge, empathy and experience of the challenges and rewards involved with working internationally and living and working abroad.
  • INTERCULTURAL & INCLUSIVE APTITUDE: developed from direct experience of intercultural misunderstandings and challenges.
  • SPECIALIST KNOWLEDGE in digital media and creative industries, marketing and enterprise creation and business support to help companies work better together – internationally.
  • PROFESSIONALLY QUALIFIED with a Certificate in Cross-Cultural Management & International Project Management Training, I draw upon a number of tools and resources to achieve excellent results, including: GlobalDISC (TM), Systemic Coaching and a range of NLP and coaching tools and techniques as well as Agility and Inclusive Leadership certifications.
  • HER PERSONALITY: It is best described as dynamic and energising. By positively challenging and encouraging my clients to find creative solutions, the individual, the team and – ultimately your company all benefit hugely.

Marina works with professionals, leaders and teams of multinational corporates and international SMEs with their talent development and diversity strategies.

Accredited Activities:

  • Easy EDI for Marketing Teams

Who Should Attend:

Easy EDI for Marketers, so that they can increase productivity, performance and profits without reputational risks for their brands.

It is perfect for Marketing Teams:

• Who struggle to apply their organisations’ EDI strategy in their daily work

• Who wish to improve their teams’ cohesiveness, collaboration, and communication

• Who wish to increase their productivity, performance, and profits

• Who feel intimidated by the reputational risks for their brands

EDI Equity, Diversity and Inclusion has increasingly become a top priority for professionals in marketing. Brands are realising that to build trust and thrive in rapidly changing markets, they must demonstrate a genuine commitment to making everyone feel welcome, valued, and included.

Marketing professionals, marketing teams and marketing agencies and all those working in the sector, have a vital responsibility when it comes to EDI. Marketing brands that don’t recognise their responsibilities around EDI are fast becoming outdated and less desirable for new generations of customers and employees

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