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Putting people and leadership at the heart of project management, ExtraordinaryPM works hand-in-glove with more technical project management tools to deliver project and programme mastery.

Using tangible, real-world examples, we show you how to harness a tool kit of highly effective techniques, which can be applied to any situation for greater success.

ExtraordinaryPM offers you a journey of personal growth, development and empowerment delivered through a series of fully-immersive courses and interactive programmes, all based on a robust, proven framework with real-life scenarios, in-depth learning, and a wealth of learned mastery of project excellence.

Accredited Activities:

Our programmes are designed to help you become an ‘ExtraordinaryPM’, by giving you the essential people and leadership skills you need to thrive in the world of project management, including

  • How to engage with, lead and inspire those around you with ease
  • How to manage stress, know yourself better, and elevate your performance
  • How to excel in your career and be recognised for your work.

ExtraordinaryPM Mastery Programme

Our Mastery programme delivers an extensive and in-depth learning experience, enabling you to master multiple tools and techniques to successfully manage real-world projects and situations.

A 5-month, CPD-certified programme of interactive webinars, mentoring sessions and coaching through real-life scenarios, Mastery is a fully immersive experience that will take you all the way to project and programme excellence.

The Mastery Programme also allows for the coaching of individuals through real-life scenarios, uses experiential and applied learning techniques, and encourages everyone to remain constantly curious and share these learnings with others.

The course is structured around the 5T’s Framework of ExtraordinaryPM, which focuses on the five interlinking key areas of delivery: Target, Terrain, Tribe, Time and Thrive, delving deep into the “Why” and “How” of project management, as opposed to just the “What”

  • 15 x 90-min interactive sessions
  • A personal Strengths Profile™ and report
  • Full access to support, materials and resources during the course
  • Access to the resources in the ExtraordinaryPM online membership forum
  • Opportunity to become an Alumni member on graduation

This course does not show you how to run projects; it teaches you how to live and breathe them!

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ExtraordinaryPM Essentials Programme

ExtraordinaryPM Essentials is a brand-new specialist tailor-made programme for organisations that focuses on the fundamentals of Project Management and delivering a thorough and applied overview of key tools and techniques.

Delivered via Zoom or Teams, allowing for multiple sites to be involved in the same training, at the same time, and therefore enabling increased collaboration between different locations, Essentials is equally suited to people new to project management or as a practical refresher for more experienced project and operational managers,

Built on a wealth of experience and expertise, Essentials is broken down into 10 modules, with each project management tool introduced via interactive presentations and team discussion, group mentoring and then demonstrated using a number of real-life examples and case studies.  Employee learning is embedded with participants actively encouraged to put these concepts into immediate practice within their normal every day working environment.

The Essentials shared learning experience helps not only build an individual’s confidence, it also helps to create a common project management approach and collective language across your entire organisation.

Course benefit:

  • Improved in-house project management abilities, technical upskill and enhanced leadership skills
  • Applied, real life Project Management training that can be put into immediate action in the workplace
  • Builds capacity and capability across the team, delivering enhanced efficiency and effectiveness for your business
  • Encourages improved collaboration, a strong business culture and confidence building
  • Instils a common process, approach & language across your organisation.

To find out more, request a programme brochure and course synopsis, or to book a call to discuss further, simply contact us on

Who Should Attend:

ExtraordinaryPM programmes are for anyone who wants to develop the skills they need to deliver successful projects.

The tools and techniques we teach aren’t specific to any industry, function or type of project – it doesn’t matter how advanced you are in your career either.

ExtraordinaryPM programmes are for…

  • All levels of programme managers and project professionals
  • Project managers (at any level) looking to develop or enhance their skills
  • Non-project managers whose day-to-day work involves delivering projects (i.e. just about everyone in business)
  • Technical experts looking to move into project management
  • Business people in any area looking to improve their leadership skills
  • Project Sponsors / Senior Stakeholders / Transformational Directors
  • CEOs / CFOs

Further Information: