CPD Standards Office Provider Number: 50384

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Category: Business Consulting, Business Skills, Communication/Presentation, Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals, Leadership and Management, Marketing & Advertising, Sales


Growtwopro, is a business hub specialized in Healthcare & Pharmaceutical business, which helps corporates and individuals to grow their productivity & profession, through plenty of tools like: Tailored LMS, Customized Job-board, Expert Directory, Workplace portal, Marketing channels, and more.

Accredited Activities:

  • Pharmaceuticals Sales Management Certificate )PSMC)
  • Certified Pharmaceutical Product Manager (CPPM)
  • Certified Professional Medical Representative (CPMR)
  • Certified Pharmaceutical Key Account Manager (CPKAM)
  • Training of Trainers Certificate (TOTC)

Who Should Attend:

Growtwopro is for anyone who is working in the healthcare & pharmaceutical sectors.

For Sales Managers, Marketing Managers, Associate Product Managers, Product Managers, FLM, District Managers, Newly Appointed Supervisors, Medical Representatives, Senior MRs, Field Trainers, Training Managers, Fresh Graduates, Students,

Further Information: