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CPD Standards Office Provider Number: 21683

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Category: Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals, Social and Care Work


Hilton Nursing Partners deliver innovative solutions and are passionate about what we do. Our vision of a successful healthcare provider powered by the quality of its people and the strength of its principles has created a unique organisation trusted to support patients across the country. Working with the NHS and Social Care Commissioners we successfully deliver safe, timely and supportive hospital discharges, patient assessments and patient recovery programmes. Our unique Hilton model of nurses, therapists and nurse led personal nursing assistants has a proven track record in freeing hospital beds, as well as reducing re-admissions and ongoing social services support. The success of the Hilton Partnership model is evident to the 12000 patients we have supported and the excellent patient, staff and commissioner feedback.

Accredited Activities:

  • Assessor Training for Hilton Nursing Partners


Who Should Attend:

Assessor Training: a 3-day course completed by Hilton Nursing Partners in the role of Assessor or who undertake assessments as part of their duties. The course includes examining the role of an assessor, the principles and process of assessment, supporting decision making, planning care using a strength based approach, risk enablement and active participation, capacity and consent, and exploring the needs of people with common long-term conditions. Practice tasks are set to be completed over 3 weeks forming the basis for discussion and reflection on the final day.


Advanced Medication: a half-day session for Hilton Nursing Partners whose roles involve the assessment and management of medication for people. The session includes clarifying our role and responsibilities and agreed ways of working within the organisation, exploring reasons for medication errors, physiology and anatomy with regards to the medication processes within the body and the impact of illness and age, controlled medications, adverse drug reactions, drug interactions, reasons and management of non-adherence to medication regimes, promotion of active participation and person centred care.

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