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CPD Standards Office Provider Number: 21488

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Category: Mental Health & Wellbeing


I Matter Training is the provider of training in Relationship Health and the I Matter Framework.  This offers an innovative approach to thinking about how to address adult and child mental health and wellbeing. I Matter Training and its sister organization Relationship Health Matters CIC was set up by Dr Cathy Betoin, a practicing clinical psychologist, experienced teacher and parent in 2011.  We work with the GP’s and schools in the Kendal area and beyond.

Accredited Activities:

  • Getting Started Workshop
  • Level 1: The Pillars of The I Matter Framework: The Theory of Relationship Health Practice
  • Level 2: The I Matter Process: Theory to Practice of Relationship Health
  • Level 3A: The I Matter Wheel Award
  • Level 3B: I Matter Extended Journey

Who Should Attend:

Five Missing Links in Adult and Child Wellbeing Practice: and the way forward

The training is aimed at professionals committed to taking new practices forward in their communities.

For those interested in developing work with parents we are developing a focussed intervention for parents of children presenting with challenging behaviour.

In this case, the training is provided to parents with the support of approved study support professionals under a Lead Professional.

The framework is intended to support improvements in joined-up multi-agency practices around escalated challenging behaviour.

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