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In a transforming world, how to change is fundamental to success as an organisation and as an individual.

Unfortunately, many businesses struggle to implement change just as many individuals find it hard to break patterns of behaviour that are harmful or prevent them from reaching full potential.

In STORY / CHANGE, Ian Hawkins shows how to be in charge of change.

Based on the idea that behaviour is driven by the stories that we tell ourselves, Ian shows how these stories work and how they can propel us towards change or hold us back and make change impossible.

In an interactive and entertaining presentation, Ian gives audiences plenty of ‘a-ha’ moments and the tools to make lasting, meaningful change wherever it needs to happen - before they have even left their seats.

Ian draws on movie plots, business stories and his own experience of overcoming adversity to illustrate how stories work, what they mean and how we can take control of our own story. He delivers motivation, inspiration and actionable insights into how to flip resistance to change to a world of new possibilities - without losing sight of core values.

Available as: Keynote * After dinner * TED-style * Workshop * Online Ian introduces the themes and content of STORY / CHANGE in this video:

Ian Hawkins is an international events host, author and business journalist whose films have appeared on CBS, Reuters and BBC World. He has survived life-threatening adversity, worked with some of the biggest names in politics, entertainment and sport and travelled the world. Find out more at www.mr-hawkins.com

Accredited Activities:

  • Presentation and Storytelling Skills: What Stories Are, Why They Matter and How To Tell Them Better

Ian is an accredited speaker with the CPD Standards Office.


Who Should Attend:

This is aimed at business audiences who wish to improve their influence through storytelling and better presentation skills. Whether they speak to customers, investors or colleagues, they will get practical tips to improve their communications.

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