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CPD Standards Office Provider Number: 22540

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Category: Professional Speakers, Safeguarding


Lis, Really, What? Coaching and Speaking LTD. Main service is to deliver training on Coercive Control. Expert Speaking hire on coercive control is also available. A Coercive Control curriculum and workshops are also available for schools to support teachers, staff and students to navigate through the complexities of coercive control. A 3-month and 6-month Life Coaching programme called ‘Break Free’ is also available to those being subjected to coercive control. Author by way of thought leadership within coercive control with two publications on the subject matter.

Accredited Activities:

  • Breaking the Cycle – Learning to Recognise and Respond to Coercive Control.

Who Should Attend:

Head Teachers Teachers, behavioural support teams, SENCO, Safeguarding leads, Heads of Year. Doctors, Nurses. Police, Probation.

Further Information: