CPD Standards Office Provider Number: 50123

Category: Animal Care & Veterinary


As a global company, LIVISTO Group develops and commercialises a wide range of products in key segments in the animal health business. The portfolio is composed of high quality pharmaceutical and nutritional products for livestock and companion animals. The unification of all our former national company brands in 2016 enables us to take the best from all parts of the Group and concentrate it in the new global brand LIVISTO.

Accredited Activities:

  • Multi Resistant Bacterial Skin Infection in a Dog with Multiple Co-Morbidities – Workup and Management
  • Rational use of Anti-Infectives in Dermatology – Clinical Cases and Tips for Daily Practice
  • Experience in Treating Feline Pyoderma
  • Mastitis Diagnostics. What we can Learn for Therapy and Udder Health
  • Mastitis in Dairy Cows
  • From Daily Practice: A Dermatology Case
  • Pressure Point Practice: A Dermatology Case
  • Clinical Case. Feline Osteoarthritis: The Keys
  • Reproduction Management in Dairy Cattle
  • Management of Mastitis on a Dairy Farm

Who Should Attend:

Veterinarians in private clinical practices –

Companion animal veterinarians.

Multi-resistant bacterial skin infection in a dog with multiple co-morbidities –

Workup and management.

Further Information: