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At the London School of Business and Communication, we have always believed that learning should be captivating, enjoyable and based on real-life challenges.

Through decades of both practical business experience and reality-based learning, we have been able to develop courses that offer relevant, practical skills.

We condensed decades of business knowledge, practical experience and insider secrets into easily manageable and digestible courses. Business jargon and complex models have been simplified and explained in easy-to-understand and simplistic steps.


Our approach and how we set ourselves apart from the majority of MOOC's and other online course providers is that we don’t give you a course and leave you on your own with the so-called “lifetime access” that many online course providers offer today ... meaning you can attend and complete it someday in this "lifetime".

We know that you are looking for results as fast as possible. Our online courses take up to 3 months and in a short time, you can learn the things that you always thought hard and difficult to understand.

These days our attention spans are at an all-time low, with constant distractions from digital devices, social media and mobile access that have reshaped our world.

Therefore, it is no longer sufficient to simply provide textual-based material or videos of a tutor reciting textbook theory that eventually you will forget until the end of the day.

All of our online courses are based on practical knowledge, explained with real-life scenarios that you are able to understand and directly apply to your daily tasks.

We ensure you that our courses are concise and very well structured in order to maximize the benefits of every moment you dedicate to your studies. Our schedules are efficient yet relaxed to enable you to complete your course in the shortest possible time frame without interfering with your everyday activities.

Our Students

To date we have over 60.000 students in Europe including managers, executives and professionals, all from different industries, each one looking to advance in their chosen career or business, from first-time jobseekers to business owners who want to expand their business.

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Our courses are addressed to professionals who want to strengthen their specific knowledge, refine their skills, or achieve new ones in order to make the next step in their career.

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