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CPD Standards Office Provider Number: 50152

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Category: Education & Training Centres


Services: on-site and on-line education consultancy and related products.

Expertise: first-hand experience in a wide range of educational settings as: Teacher (UK and Australia), Headteacher (London), Accredited Mentor, and School Inspector and Teacher Trainer in the UK, India, Qatar, UAE, Saudi Arabia and Algeria. Services and Products:

Working with:

  • Strictly Education (England)
  • Education Development Trust (UK and Middle East)
  • Tribal Group (UK and Middle East)
  • The Achievers Programme (India)
  • Musha Care Foundation (Africa)
  • Setif University (Algeria)
  • Discover Your Child (Egypt)

Accredited Activities:

  • Improving Teaching Skills

Who Should Attend:

Improving Teaching Skills: For teachers in training, and as CPD for practising teachers.

Particularly helpful for those wanting to change from traditional, whole-class teaching, to individualised, student-centred learning. Classroom teachers and management learn how to apply Multiple Intelligences theory to classroom practice and school organisation.

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