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Category: Business Skills, Education & Training Centres, Financial Services & Legislation, Leadership and Management


We specialise in top-quality, uniquely designed Economic Insight and Financial Markets online courses. Our visual courses integrate multimedia elements such as animation, graphics, and adaptive, interactive features to facilitate compelling and memorable learning. This approach addresses the widespread need for economic and business literacy by providing quick, easy, and logical economic and financial learning experiences.

Naspeling®'s CPD-accredited courses are designed for individuals from diverse backgrounds and are suitable for anyone interested in economics and financial markets, regardless of their prior knowledge. They are particularly beneficial to students, entrepreneurs, business owners, career professionals, and corporate employees.

Economic understanding and insight lead to informed decision-making, improving financial management abilities, personal and business growth, and educated career choices. Naspeling® leads with a 'Big Picture' approach to economic insight and understanding, merging theory with practical application. Leveraging extensive corporate finance experience, external studies, and extensive research, we provide a transformative learning journey.

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Accredited Activities:

  • Economic Insight (61 CPD Hours/Points)
  • Financial Markets (9 CPD Hours/Points)

Who Should Attend:

Economic literacy empowers corporate employees, career professionals, entrepreneurs, and business owners to navigate market fluctuations and economic business cycles, make informed decisions, and capitalise on opportunities.

Heads of human resource departments and other corporate, institutional, or governmental decision-makers, seeking to substantially enhance knowledge levels within their organisations or departments, stand to benefit greatly from our courses.

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