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Category: Business Consulting, Coaching Programmes & Solutions, Human & Soft Skills, Leadership and Management


At NeuroCapability we specialise in training individuals, teams and organisations to use breakthroughs in cognitive science to reshape how they work, live and positively interact with others. The key focus in all our programs is the development of authentic and transformational leaders who have highly effective soft-skill capabilities that are in high demand in today’s workplace. Neuroscience of Leadership is a 'driver’s handbook' for the human brain. By understanding the key components, how they interact and why you do what you do, you too can 'crack the code' into what is driving behaviour, interactions, motivation, engagement, learning, decision-making and change in your teams or organisation. We offer an accredited Advanced Diploma of Neuroscience of Leadership and non-accredited Neuroscience of Leadership programs that are delivered in partnership with our Alumni to amplify the impact of our mission of changing the world one brain at a time.

Accredited Activities:

  • 10673NAT – Advanced Diploma of Neuroscience of Leadership
  • Study Term 1 (11111NAT – Advanced Diploma of Neuroscience of Leadership)
  • Study Term 1 (Neuroscience of Leadership Program)
  • Stress Mastery
  • NeuroCapability Webinars

Who Should Attend:

Leaders, managers, innovators and creators, consultants, trainers, coaches, teachers, educators, individuals faced with change and new challenges, teams with diverse cultural backgrounds, and anyone wanting to keep one step ahead in a changing world. Some of the titles of our Students and Alumni

  • Team Leaders
  • Senior Managers
  • Executive Coaches
  • Business Development Managers
  • Learning and Development Managers
  • Human Resource Managers
  • CEOs and Executives
  • Organisational Development Professionals
  • Project Risk Managers
  • Hospitality Professionals
  • Leadership Consultants
  • Social Workers
  • Supervisors
  • IT Consultants
  • Trainers and Training Coordinators
  • Auditors
  • Safety professionals
  • Teachers and Principals
  • Directors of Nursing
  • Chief Medical Officers

Further Information: