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Founded in 2014, New Level Results (NLR) is a National Coaching organisation working with clients who want to succeed in their chosen field with the help of a professional coach.

NLR is a dynamic coaching business supporting executives, leaders, business owners and individuals from all walks of life. We help each person to create a one page plan outlining what they want to achieve over the next 12 months. Our powerful methodology helps people to clearly identify the way they think, their values, behaviours and beliefs as well as the areas of their life they want to achieve a breakthrough and some ambitious goals they want to achieve while working alongside their coach. This plan then goes onto our online platform called The Curve which helps the client to map and track their progress and record their learnings every step of the way.

We are a results based coaching business and bring a tangibility to coaching by mapping and tracking the effectiveness of our coaching and thereby demonstrating the return on Investment.

When people work with us over a 12 month period to achieve the results they have always wanted in their life, they can receive up to 25 hours of CPD, evidenced by the learning log in The Curve.

Accredited Activities:

  • New Level Results Individual Personal Best Coaching Programme

We offer the Individual Personal Best Coaching Programme to leaders in organisations, business owners, talent and expeditions.

Who Should Attend:

Any individual looking to become more effective, create a work life balance, improve their career, become a strong leader of themselves and teams. We coach people from all backgrounds, professions and industries at any level – indeed, any individual who identifies coaching as self-development and self-improvement and wants to log hours as part of their continuous professional development.

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