New Level Results Limited

CPD Standards Office Provider Number: 22257

Category: Business Professionals, Business Skills, Coaching Programmes & Solutions, Leadership and Management


Founded in 2014, New Level Results (NLR) works with clients who want to succeed in their chosen field with the help of a professional coach.

Simon Teague and Andrew Duncan, both have 30+ years industry experience and have been running their own independent coaching and mentoring practices for 13+ years. They are both professionally qualified coaches, one with a BS Hons in lifelong learning and the other an NLP Master practitioner.

NLR coaches executives in large corporations in both the public and private sector, business owners and individuals from all walks of life.

Accredited Activities:

We offer the Individual Personal Best Coaching Programme to leaders in organisations, business owners, talent and expeditions.

Who Should Attend:

Any individual looking to become more effective at home, in the workplace or in business. We coach maternity returners, business owners, talent, new leaders, senior leaders, CEO’s from any profession or industry.

Further Information: