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CPD Standards Office Provider Number: 22452

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Category: Business Consulting, Business Skills, Human & Soft Skills, Mental Health & Wellbeing, Technology


We train Individuals, & companies, to deal with change to achieve ROI & passion without blocks.

NPI Shuttleworth Academy aims to grow minds, hearts and organisations and people through our product offerings, cutting-edge technology and methodology geared to enhance skills and shift mindsets by utilising digital training methods that ensure better learning outcomes.

A paradigm shift is needed for a new world of work, for more resilience and better cognitive skills in the workplace. These skills can lead to a Return on Investment (ROI) and Return on Objectives (ROO).  NEUROGRES TM uses Neuro Linguistic Program (NLP) techniques and Artificial Intelligent Game-Based Assessment tools to entrench new behaviours. NPISA develops high-order cognitive thinking skills that improve task effectiveness!

Namely creativity, problem-solving, decision-thinking, critical analysis, learning aptitude, planning, adaptive and strategic thinking. These skills are further extended: - Integrates new technologies, Works in ad-hoc teams, Plans ahead, Redesigns processes, Identifies opportunities, Manages multiple tasks, Outsources projects and Creates new behaviour patterns


Accredited Activities:

  • Sustainable Strategy in 4th & 5th IR
  • NEUROGRES, Coach to Excellence & Resilience with AI
  • Implement Transformation & Change Management
  • Cognitive Customer Risk Management in VUCA

Who Should Attend:

  • AI-Driven Strategic Thinking in a VUCA/ bani Context
  • Sustainable Strategy in 4Th & 5Th IR
  • Cognitive Customer Risk Management In VUCA – with AI/ Games
  • HR Strategy
  • Implement Transformation & Change Management
  • NEUROGRES, Coach to Excellence & Resilience with AI  – UK & SA – with AI/ Games

Further Information: