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Category: Business Consulting, Education & Training Centres, Events & Networking, Hospitality & Leisure


OMNIPEAR is teaching the world a fresh, new approach to adult learning. As an online platform, we provide professional development, entrepreneurship/ business courses & pre-certification prep courses. With seasoned and experienced business coaches and instructors, our members enjoy the ease and comfort of learning at their pace. Our goal is to train new business entrepreneurs for a successful launch and operational excellence and to provide professional development & industry certification for individuals. Our goal is to offer affordable educational and professional certifications for those who are underserved and not represented in the business, tourism, HR & hospitality industries. We are on a mission to become the #1 resource for professional development and education!

Accredited Activities:

  • Delivering On-Site Execution with Excellence – Certified Travel Director (CTD)
  • Business of Excellence – “VIP: All-Access Pass” for Business Entrepreneurship
  • CMP Knowledge Training & Boot Camp
  • Eventifocus: Project Management for Meetings & Events

Who Should Attend:

Our courses are designed for business professionals, students, new business owners, entrepreneurs, serial entrepreneurs, industry professionals and others seeking to “follow their dreams”. Assisted by “real-life lessons, our “business coaches” provide top-notch knowledge, guidance and expertise.

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