OxFirst Ltd

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Category: Learning & Development, Legal


OxFirst was established by Oxford University Academics seven years ago with the aspiration to turn commercial law into commercial reality. Its high level law and economics analysis have helped firms, nations and entire regions leverage intellectual property for growth. As such, we have filled an important gap in how research is contributing to the economic and cultural prosperity of society. Universities and their spin outs are neither dictionaries, nor databases, they are the ‘know-how’ and ‘know-why’ of society.  Establishing adequate knowledge spill-overs that assure this is happening in practice is core to our mission. In doing so, we seek to translate some of the latest IP analytics into practice; for the benefit of our clients, and society at large.

Accredited Activities:

  • Oxfirst’s 3rd IP and Competition Forum: Creating the Missing Link in the Digital Economy
  • Building Bridges in Turbulent Markets

Who Should Attend:

Innovators, inventors, entrepreneurs, managers, CTOs, artists, musicians, patent attorneys, copyright lawyers, commercial lawyers, public policy advocates, solicitors, barristers, in –house counsel, General Counsel and anyone eager to make a difference to the world of innovation.

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