P and I Training Ltd

CPD Standards Office Provider Number: 21721

Category: Education & Training Centres, Health & Safety, Social and Care Work


P and I Training LTD are a training company that offers guidance and support to the education and social care sectors in the area of safety and behaviour.

The training is aimed specifically at adults who work with children and young people.

P and I offer an accredited 1-day programme which is a comprehensive programme focusing on de-escalation and physical intervention skills. This is as well as a number of smaller, personalised training programmes.

Wherever possible P and I will tailor there training programmes specifically to your organisations individual needs.

We have a package to suit almost all budgets.

Accredited Activities:

  • P&I 1 Day Basic Training Course in De-Escalation and Physical Intervention
  • 1 Day Programme in De-Escalation and Physical Intervention
  • County Lines, Gangs and Knife Crime
  • 5-day Train the Trainer Programme
  • Dealing with Difficult Behaviour and Behaviours That Challenge
  • Anti Bullying

Who Should Attend:

P and I’s Training programmes are aimed specifically at organisations/individuals who require support in the are of safety and behaviour.

P and I training programmes involves learning new skills in de-escalation, recording, reflecting, documenting and planning for difficult behaviours and scenarios.

Further Information: