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CPD Standards Office Provider Number: 70062

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Category: Education & Training Centres, Leadership and Management, Management, Professional Speakers


Inspiring, challenging, informative and entertaining, Pat Falvey is one of the world’s leading inspirational speakers. His talks are drawn from his life experience as an adventurer, entrepreneur and inspirational leader in which he has learned the skills and attributes which individuals and teams need to realise their full potential. Pat has worked with some of the world’s leading organisations such as; Vodafone, Pfizer, BT, EY, Colgate, Deloitte, Microsoft, Google, Wyeth etc to help employees realise their potential.  Pat sets big goals, and breaks them down into achievable milestones and shows how to make one’s dreams a reality.

Accredited Activities:

Pat Falvey is an accredited speaker with the CPD Standards Office.

Pat delivers a series of wonderfully engaging and insightful presentations on the below topics.

  • How to successfully set goals
  • How to move beyond failure and learn from it
  • The rules of effective leadership and self-leadership
  • How to tap into your passion and succeed
  • The importance of change and how to move beyond your comfort zone
  • How to maintain self-belief in the face of risk and challenge

Who Should Attend:

Pat’s unique approach and delivery makes his presentations, seminars and lectures relevant to almost any audience and individual, such as:

  • Associations looking to add high-value “real-world” and motivational content to members at conferences, and member events.
  • Companies looking to overcome specific barriers or meet new challenges across their teams.
  • Individuals looking to fill-in knowledge gaps and expand understanding.
  • Any professional with a keen interest in improving or accelerating their organisations success.

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