Perinatal Mental Health Institute

CPD Standards Office Provider Number: 50543

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Category: Education & Training Centres, Human & Soft Skills, Mental Health & Wellbeing


The Perinatal Mental Health Institute strives to support women, couples and families navigating the transition to parenthood by providing compassionate, online, evidence-based and effective perinatal mental health training, professional and peer support and ongoing education to the perinatal providers that support them.

Graduates of PMHI training walk away with an depth understanding of the nuances of the transition to parenthood and how to best support their clients navigating this journey. PMHI courses cover psychoeducation, tools and resources for supporting clients through fertility challenges, pregnancy, pregnancy and infant loss, birth trauma, postnatal challenges and parenting.

If you are looking for a comprehensive course that leaves you feeling competent and capable of supporting your perinatal clients, then PMHI courses are right for you!

Accredited Activities:

This provider is currently undergoing accreditation.

Who Should Attend:

PMHI courses are intended for healthcare professionals already working with the perinatal period or who are interested in doing so and can include: Psychologists, Psychiatrists, Psychotherapists, Counsellors, Social Workers, Perinatal Consultants, Midwives, Nurses, Public Health Nurses, General Practitioners, Naturopaths, Functional Medicine Doctors, Pelvic Floor Physiotherapists, Physical Therapists, Paediatricians, Dieticians, Doulas, Sleep Consultants, Lactation Consultants, Perinatal Peer supporters/Peer Specialists, Support Group Leaders, Perinatal and/or Fertility Coaches and Community Health Workers.

Not sure if you fit these categories? Contact us and we are happy to answer your questions!

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