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Category: Business Skills, Coaching Programmes & Solutions, Communication/Presentation, Construction & Building Maintenance, Government, Health & Safety, Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals, HR & Recruitment, Leadership and Management, Management, Marketing & Advertising, Medical, Project Management, Sales


Established 1st January 1988 PSDCI provides bespoke training, facilitation, coaching, team building and leadership/followership seminars to multinational corporations. We also train and certify trainers to deliver our material.

As MD I offer a unique blend of skills and experience. My first profession was electronic engineering, I am a certified social worker. Have been a Personnel Manager in multinational Electronic companies and am also an internationally certified psychotherapist. These skills and experiences blend together providing credibility when presenting organizationally

My company has a long list of blue-chip client companies, such as HP, Agilent, Motorola, CocaCola, Orange Digital, Alcatel-Lucent. see my CV for more detail

Accredited Activities:

  • Emotional Assertiveness Trainer Certification
  • Process Communication Model Trainer Certification
  • Process Communication Core Topics Seminar
  • Emotional Assertiveness Core Topics
  • Process Communication Advanced Seminar

Who Should Attend:

EA Trainer Certification is appropriate for any skilled facilitator, to gain a new and state of the art tool

EA core topics is appropriate for any manager, or individual, wanting to improve the quality and effectiveness of their interpersonal relationships. Managers, team leaders, teams, all benefit from the training. It is also adapted for personal development work.

PCM Trainer Certification is appropriate for any skilled facilitator, to gain a new management training tool

PSM core and advanced topics is suitable for anyone wishing to improve their communication skills.

Further Information: