Physician-Patient Alliance for Health & Safety

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Category: Health & Safety, Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals, Medical


PPAHS is a national advocacy force for addressing patient health and safety priorities that are shared by patients, physicians, regulators and industry. By doing so, we seek to ensure that the best medications, medical invention and technology that can improve care and reduce cost are employed. PPAHS works to advance patient health and safety by developing and highlighting best practices and recommendations through better use and application of clinical practices and experiences, information technologies and checklists, and healthcare information. As a voice in support of ideas and innovation that can improve care, we encourage a health ecosystem that fosters a culture of patient safety.

Accredited Activities:

  • Respiratory Compromise Prevention, Recognition and Intervention
  • Advances in Lung Imaging
  • 4th World Sepsis Congress CME
  • S2: The Health Economic and Human Burden of Infections and Pandemics
  • S3: Overcoming Silos to Address Infection-Related Global Health Threats
  • S4: The Quality of Healthcare Systems and QI Efforts on Outcomes from Sepsis and Pandemics
  • S6: Advances in Timely Pathogen and Sepsis Detection
  • S7: The Benefits of Multidisciplinary Teams in Sepsis Care on the Health Care Facility Level
  • S8: The Potential and Challenges to Intervene with the Immune Response
  • S9: Biomarkers and Antimicrobial Stewardship – The Synergies to Diagnose Sepsis and to Prevent AMR
  • S10: Lessons from the Pandemic to Fight Common Infections and Sepsis
  • S11: Understanding and Improving Long-term Outcomes After Sepsis and COVID-19
  • S12: Neonatal Sepsis Platforms and Guidelines
  • S14: Maternal Sepsis: Why Is It Still in The Top 3 for Global Incidence of Sepsis
  • S16: An Update on Research on Sepsis
  • Humidified High Flow Therapy of High-Velocity Nasal Insufflation
  • Weaning Approaches
  • Culture of Weaning
  • Resident Selection
  • Process Improvement & Discharge
  • Quality of Life
  • Ventilator Unit Technology & Equipment

Who Should Attend:

Clinicians, hospital executives, and risk managers.

Further Information: