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Intelligent Behaviour Analytics® (IBA®) is a unique offering from Birmingham City University, UK.

Developed by Hillcroft House Research Hub CIC IBA® is designed for the challenges of 21st century life.

IBA® is a streamlined, holistic and innovative approach that can change how you view yourself and everyone else around you. How effective an individual is stems from a combination of understanding, capability, attitude and behaviour. IBA® examines each of these aspects, enabling individuals to develop these vital skills.

With around 27,000 students and a portfolio of more than 1000 courses, Birmingham City University is the second largest of five universities in the city.

Accredited Activities:

Professor Adam Crizzle is an accredited speaker with the CPD Standards Office.

Who Should Attend:

Birmingham City University IBA® conferences and programmes focus on the needs of:

  • Transformational Leadership Specialists
  • Learning, Talent and Culture Practitioners
  • Coaching and Mentoring Practitioners
  • Organisational Culture Specialists,
  • Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Specialists
  • Change Agents and Leadership Professionals
  • Recruitment Specialists

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