Right of Light Consulting Ltd

CPD Standards Office Provider Number: 21993

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Category: Architecture, Business Consulting, Construction & Building Maintenance


Right of Light Consulting Ltd

Chartered Surveyor specialising in Daylight + Sunlight for planning, and Rights of Light Assessments

Founded in 2003, we offer the following services:

1) Daylight + Sunlight Assessments for planning

2) Legal Rights of Light Assessments

3) Expert Witness

4) Advice for Neighbours

5) Strategy & Advice

6) Maximum Envelope

Our Client’s include Architects, Commercial Developers, Planning Consultant, Homeowners, Neighbours, Solicitors, Landowners along with others.

We are committed to our clients and using our experience, we provide a conscientious approach to our client’s needs and requirements.

Accredited Activities:

  • Factsheet 1 – 25 and 45 Degree Rule of Thumb
  • Factsheet 2 – Bre ‘Site Layout Planning for Daylight and Sunlight’
  • Factsheet 3 – A Guide to Legal Rights of Light
  • Factsheet 4 – Light Obstruction Notices
  • Factsheet 5 – Important Right of Light Cases
  • Factsheet 6 – Rights of Light Risk Mitigation Tip
  • Factsheet 7 – Advice for Neighbours
  • Right of Light Consulting CPD Seminar (F2F & Online)

Who Should Attend:

  • CPD Seminar audience is:

This activity is aimed at Architects, Developers, Planning Consultants.  However, anyone involved with construction, local authorities would also be able to take something away from the seminar.

  • Online Reading / Printed Reading audience is:

This activity is available to all and the fact sheets can be downloaded from our website.

Further Information: