CPD Standards Office Provider Number: 21406

Category: Business Consulting, Business Professionals, Business Skills, Communication/Presentation, Education & Training Centres, Environmental Services, Governance & Compliance, Government, Health & Safety, Leadership and Management, Management


Founded in 2015, Safe Space Consultancy offers Bespoke Consultancy and CPD Accredited Training on the Impact of Domestic Abuse, Stalking and Harassment in the Workplace.

This training came about through understanding that full time working professionals are the hardest to reach group and the least likely to access support if they are suffering from these issues.  Domestic abuse, in particular, is a ‘hidden issue’ that has a profoundly negative effect on the well-being, productivity and retention of staff.  Domestic Abuse is everyone’s business and Safe Space supports employers to appropriately and safely address these issues in the workplace.

Accredited Activities:

  •  Impact of Domestic Abuse & Stalking in the Workplace
  • Introductory Quiz & Presentation with Opportunities for Q&A
  • Workshop: What is Domestic Abuse & Stalking; Spotting the Signs/ Q&A
  • Workshop: Impact of Domestic Abuse & Stalking on Individual & Organisation (Reducing Risk) / Q&A
  • Workshop: How could you Support an Employee? (Reducing Risk) / Q&A
  • Workshop: Implementing Domestic Abuse & Stalking Policies / Q&A

All of these courses are accredited as face-to-face or online courses.

Who Should Attend:

The training is suitable for all sectors and for Directors, Managers, and Supervisors responsible for the duty of care of their employees. The training can be delivered in bite-sized workshops, half-day or full-day training.

Further Information: