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Scotwork has coached hundreds of thousands of people in 29 languages. We have grown into the world’s number one independent negotiation consultancy, operating in 48 countries. We work with organisations large and small across all sectors. After more than 45 years we are still giving people powerful skills that transform their lives, and handing businesses more successful futures.

The Advancing Negotiation Skills course prepares you to become a successful negotiator; equipping you with a proven methodology and changing your behaviour in negotiation situations.

Scotwork's 8-step process helps you to navigate the twists and turns of dealmaking. The highly interactive sessions include a challenging mix of practical exercises, online tools, video analysis and bite-sized lectures.

Accredited Activities:

Advancing Negotiation Skills

Scotwork’s Advancing Negotiation Skills (ANS) course gives you everything you need to be a successful negotiator. Whatever your ability, age or industry background, the ANS course starts you on a lifetime of skills development. Join us on an open course or one of our bespoke one-company courses. Either way, the pace, direction and content will be tailored to your needs. Be inspired as our expert coaches take you on a personal journey of self-discovery.

Your ANS training is just the beginning. Post-course, we offer a choice of digital tools, resources and content to expand your knowledge and support your future skills development. We offer additional courses to hone your skills even further. And the more you practise your techniques in real negotiations, the more confidence you build and more potent your deal-making becomes.

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Whatever your ability, age or industry background, the A.N.S. course starts you on a lifetime of skills development. We offer our course both face to face and virtually, to suit all audiences.

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