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Joanne Lockwood, founder and CEO of SEE Change Happen, is an expert in diversity, inclusion, and belonging, specializing in transgender awareness and support.

A transgender woman herself, Joanne brings authenticity and deep understanding to her work. With a diverse background, including time in the Royal Air Force and running an IT business, she now focuses on HR and people consulting.

Joanne is a Fellow and Chair of the Board of the Professional Speaking Association UK&I and a Fellow of the Institute of Equality and Diversity Professionals. She's a noted speaker and community advocate, emphasizing empathy and understanding in fostering inclusive cultures.

For a more detailed biography, please visit Joanne Lockwood's Biography on the SEE Change Happen website -

What SEE Change Happen and Joanne Lockwood do is vital because they foster inclusive cultures within organisations. This promotes a sense of belonging and equity, essential for a positive and diverse workplace.

Engaging with their services helps individuals and organisations to think more inclusively, feel more empathetic towards diverse experiences, and act in ways that support and embrace diversity. This leads to improved workplace environments, better employee engagement, and more innovative and creative solutions from a more diverse workforce.

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Accredited Activities:

Joanne is an accredited speaker with the CPD Standards Office.

Who Should Attend:

Organisations that should engage with Joanne Lockwood and SEE Change Happen include those seeking to improve their diversity and inclusion practices, and LGBTQIA+ (inc Transgender Awareness) support.

This includes businesses across various sectors, educational institutions, healthcare providers, and public sector organizations.

Companies focusing on HR development, talent and recruitment, and organisational learning can particularly benefit.

Joanne’s services are ideal for entities aiming to foster a more inclusive culture, enhance employee well-being, and improve their understanding of LGBTQ+ issues, especially transgender awareness.

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