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CPD Standards Office Provider Number: 21545

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Category: Education & Training Centres, Personal & Professional Development


Sector : Education, Consultancy and Career Development.

Sharing Education is a global education platform registered in England, we take our mission of increasing global access to what we term creative education (learn and gain the skill in your talent or creativity). We need a generation of solution and creative oriented students.We are the change to our generation in education.We also connect our learners to great mentors, acheivers and personalities and institutions from around the world. Our offering is designed to support national economic and social objectives through training workshops, seminars, events, strategic partnerships and working with businesses. SharingEdu is pioneering the delivery of large scale, creativity skills, vocational skills, technology-driven skills in any community we encounter.

Accredited Activities:

Work and Market Ready Professional Series (MRPS-SEO)

  • Marketing & PR
  • Brand Engagements
  • Reputation Management
  • Buyer Behaviour Analysis
  • Strategic Branding & Online Marketing


Who Should Attend:

  • Youth Learning: for all youth ages 16-40
  • Professional Learning: all aspiring professional workers or workers already in professional work.
  • Enterprise Learning: for members of enterprises e.g. SME’s, Medium or Coporate.

Further Information: