CPD Standards Office Provider Number: 22638

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Category: Education & Training Centres, Mental Health & Wellbeing, Personal & Professional Development, Social and Care Work


Specialist training in working with alpacas and llamas for mental, physical and social healthcare professionals and owners. Our CPDSO-accredited courses will not prescribe for you how to do your animal interactions but give you an understanding of the serious nature of the undertaking and the wide-ranging issues that need to be considered before entering this field. This will include how to develop the handler-animal relationship to ensure that interventions are safe, ethical and appropriate. Consideration will be given to programme creation, legal requirements, animal welfare issues, animal and client selection, health and safety and activity design.


Your instructor, Victoria Barrett has had 15 years breeding and working with alpacas and llamas, 30 years of line experience in the NHS, is a member of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy, has achieved Senior Camelidynamics Instructor status and is a Certified Animal Assisted Intervention Specialist. Why Alpacas for Therapy?

Accredited Activities:

  • Working with Alpacas and Llamas in Animal Assisted Therapy
  • Working with Alpacas and Llamas in Animal Assisted Activity

Who Should Attend:

Therapists in physical, mental, emotional and occupational care who would like to include alpacas and llamas in their therapeutic offerings.

Alpaca and llama owners who would like to offer well-being activities that fall short of therapy but are aimed at improving the social, emotional and physical health of others.

Further Information: