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Category: Business Consulting, Coaching Programmes & Solutions, Education & Training Centres, Health & Safety, Leadership and Management, Mental Health & Wellbeing, Social and Care Work


Workplace mental health, consultancy education, and training. We demystify and simplify mental health by taking our experience of proven in-community peer support principles and applying it to your business.

We strive to demystify mental health.

In simple terms, we start with the principle that it is:

  • Okay to not be okay
  • Normal to not be able to cope sometimes

Being able to talk about our worries or concerns is fundamental to our well-being. It can be challenging to open up to our nearest and dearest, never mind our work colleagues and employers.

Accredited Activities:

  • Mental Health Awareness
  • Mental Health Awareness Lite

Who Should Attend:

All employee levels of small and medium-sized businesses. All industries plus, education sector and public sector and uniformed services.

Further Information: