CPD Standards Office Provider Number: 50343

Category: Business Consulting, Business Professionals, Business Skills, Communication/Presentation, Early Years, Education & Training Centres, Leadership and Management, Management, Self Employment


SYNAPRA envisions fastening together to outshine the wisdom. We provide a unified solution for imparting excellence in accordance with National Curriculum & Skill-based technological advancements.

SYNAPRA was established in 2015 with the aim of creating opportunities in the field of Education by providing Education Management Services, Capacity Building Programs, Educational Leadership and Teachers Training Programs, Curriculum Development, Language and Software Courses for Educational Leaders , Teachers & Heads.

We also provide managed services for :

  1. School/Institute Strategic Planning & Launch
  2. School/Institute Development with upgradations and innovations
  3. Develop Franchise Models for schools/institutes
  4. Manage School Operations

We aim to create opportunities & serve the nation by nurturing CPD Programs for Educational Leaders, Teachers & Heads.

Accredited Activities:

  • Educational Leadership
  • ECED Leadership Course
  • Teacher Leader
  • Teacher Leader Course
  • Educational Leadership Course
  • ECED Leadership Course

Who Should Attend:


  • This Empowerment Course is specifically designed for Teachers to raise their teaching quality, explore new skills, developing Teaching Proficiency, skills, and Competence in order to face the challenges of the Modern Era.


  • ECE Leadership Course is specifically designed for Preschool Teachers, Educators, Heads & Mothers. This course provides an understanding of their approaches to Early Childhood Teaching and helps teachers and mothers to upgrade their skills, Innovate and explore the dynamics of Early Childhood Education.


  • This course is designed for Educational Leaders, Subject specialists, School Coordinators, Heads, Managers, and Principals to engage them in a transformational process of  Leadership via problem-solving and decision making. This program focuses on Theory & practice of leadership, prioritizing issues, establishing effective action plans, leading the Teaching & learning Processes, Continuous Professional Development of educators for Mentoring as Change agents.


  • This course is designed for Business professionals, Employees, Educational Leaders, Entrepreneurs, Managers, and Heads for improving their business and official writing Skills in order to convey accurate and precise text hence maximizing clarity in Business communications and Productivity.


  • Business Factory is an entrepreneurial course based on the methodology of “Lean Startup” for the entrepreneurs, business owners, and heads to model their business practicum to qualify effective strategies and action plans in order to capture opportunities with idea validation, Risk and Value assessments.

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