The Academy by MedLabs

CPD Standards Office Provider Number: PDCD1076

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Category: Communication/Presentation, Health & Safety, Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals, Science


The idea of “ The Academy by MedLabs “ started since 2015 when MedLabs Consultancy Group, which is a leading provider of medical laboratory services in Jordan and the region, noticed that our young fresh graduates lack the knowledge and the required skills and standards needed for job readiness.

Vision: To be the academy of choice empowering healthcare professionals to serve their communities.

Mission: To nurture self-awareness and empathy in an integral learning environment that develops ethically responsible, highly skilled and knowledgeable healthcare professionals who aspire to reach their full potential to provide premium patient care.

Values: We embody the values of CARE of the mother company; MedLabs Consultancy Group

C: Community Building (empathy, ethics, group practice)

A: Awakening Consciousness

R: Research-Based Innovation and Knowledge Creation

E: Sustainable Integral Enterprise

Accredited Activities:

  • Hematology & Coagulation; Basics in Lab Practice
  • Team Building & Collaboration
  • Excellence in Customer Care
  • Self-Awareness & Emotional Intelligence
  • Business Ethics & Dignified Service Delivery
  • Stress and Conflict Management
  • Communication Skills
  • Career Support Skills (CV writing and interviewing Skills, LinkedIn)
  • “Navigating the Challenges of Today’s World” (Advanced)
  • Social Intelligence (Advanced)
  • Social Responsibility (Advanced)
  • Sustainability, Agility and Change Management (Advanced)
  • Lab General
  • Biochemistry
  • Clinical Immunology
  • Routine & Microscopy
  • Diagnostic Microbiology
  • Lab Specialties
  • Quality Management
  • Safety Management

Who Should Attend:

Our target audience includes individuals of various ages and genders who have a passion for science and want to make a difference in the healthcare industry.

  • Age range: 18-60 years old
  • Gender: Both males and females with a focus on youth.
  • Education level: University and college students, and professionals in the medical field
  • Geographic location: Local and regional, with a focus on urban areas.
  • Employment status: Unemployed, entry-level, or experienced medical laboratory scientists or healthcare professionals

Further Information: