The English Farm

CPD Standards Office Provider Number: 22298

Category: Accountancy, Business Consulting, Business Professionals, Business Skills, Communication/Presentation, Engineering, Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals, Law & Legislation, Management


We are an online English language school that was founded in 2012. We offer live 25-minute classes with a teacher 24/7. This is much more accessible for busy people. Our expert teachers prepare intermediate to advanced English speakers for work and study on the global stage. Our specialist services and courses are used by individuals and companies alike with the aim of increasing engagement in English learning. We can balance both your organisational and your individual needs.

Accredited Activities:

  • Speaking Test Strategies
  • Business Results Intermediate 2nd edition
  • Business Results Elementary 2nd edition
  • Business Results Pre-Intermediate 2nd edition
  • Business Results Upper Intermediate 2nd edition
  • Business Results Advanced 2nd edition
  • Business Results Elementary 2nd edition
  • Business Vocabulary in Use Intermediate
  • Business Vocabulary in Use Advanced
  • Pronunciation in Use Intermediate
  • Pronunciation in Use Advanced
  • Clear Speech Elementary
  • Clear Speech Intermediate
  • IELTS Official Cambridge Guide
  • Collocations in Use Intermediate
  • Collocations in Use Advanced
  • Oxford Grammar Intermediate
  • Oxford Grammar Advanced
  • Grammar in Use Elementary
  • Grammar in Use Intermediate
  • Grammar in Use Advanced
  • English File Beginner
  • English File Elementary
  • English File Pre-Intermediate
  • English File Intermediate
  • English File Intermediate Plus
  • English File Upper Intermediate
  • English File Advanced
  • English File Advanced Plus
  • Email English
  • The Lawyer’s English Language Guide
  • International Legal English
  • Dynamic Presentations
  • International Negotiations
  • English for the Pharmaceutical Industry
  • English for Engineering
  • English for Finance
  • Business English for Consultants
  • Expert Interviews for Consultants
  • GCAS Strategies

Who Should Attend:

The attendees can be anyone who needs to improve and develop their ability to communicate in English in a global setting. We provide support for a wide range of specialist professional areas to enable them to be able to successfully carry out their commercial activities such as negotiations and running meetings.


Further Information: