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The Payroll Centre represents the evolution of three well-known payroll training brands coming together under one roof; The Learn Centre, Payroll Alliance and Learn Payroll.

Payroll professionals need to be ever more informed, educated and supported in order to deal with the ever-increasing pace of legislative, technical and other change, and The Payroll Centre’s mission is to help you, your team and the wider industry on this journey.

In addition to the breadth of courses and qualifications we offer. The Payroll Centre is the only organisation offering a corporate membership that informs, educates and supports entire payroll teams (and associated departments) rather than individual memberships. This provides unique client benefits, such as allowing the whole payroll team access to an entire range of materials and services, and the ability for the organisation (not an individual) to rely on The Payroll Centre’s advice.

The Payroll Centre sits on many HMRC and Government committees, such as the EPG, and represents many thousands of members and clients helping deliver more valuable, and more valued, input to help shape the future of the industry.

At the heart of everything we do is a desire to support payrollers and make sure they have what they need because we are passionate about payroll always being done right and we care about the people doing it.

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Accredited Activities:

  • Payroll Update
  • Customised Payroll Course
  • Beginners Tax And National Insurance
  • Payroll Introduction (2 Days)
  • Advanced Basic Payroll
  • Statutory Payments And Family Leave
  • The Practical Payroll Workshop (2 Days)
  • Expenses And Benefits
  • Reporting To Hmrc
  • Payroll Practice & Legislation
  • Run, Plan And Manage The Payroll Department
  • Construction Industry Scheme
  • Practical Guide To Pensioner Payrolls
  • Introduction To Irish Payroll
  • Republic Of Ireland Payroll Update
  • Introduction To Jersey, Guernsey, And Isle Of Man Payroll
  • Payroll For International Employees
  • Australia Payroll
  • Austria Payroll
  • Belgium Payroll
  • Canada Payroll
  • Caribbean Payroll
  • China Payroll
  • Denmark Payroll
  • Finland Payroll
  • France Payroll
  • Germany Payroll
  • Hong Kong Payroll
  • India Payroll
  • Japan Payroll
  • Luxembourg Payroll
  • Malaysia Payroll
  • Mexico Payroll
  • Netherlands Payroll
  • New Zealand Payroll
  • Norway Payroll
  • Philippines Payroll
  • Poland Payroll
  • Singapore Payroll
  • South Africa Payroll
  • Sweden Payroll
  • Payroll Techniques (3 Days)
  • Payroill Procedures (3 Days)
  • Advanced Payroll Practice (5 Days)
  • Working Meetings
  • Hot Topic
  • The Payroll Centre Annual Conference
  • Payroll Techniques – Step 2 – Level 3
  • Payroll Procedures – Step 3 – Level 3
  • Payroll Supervisor – Step 4 – Level 4
  • Payroll Manager – Step 5 – Level 5
  • International Payroll Techniques – Level 3
  • International Payroll Management – Level 5
  • Payroll Assistant – Step 1
  • Nigeria Payroll

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