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We offer bespoke employee engagement and learning solutions to help your business and your employees grow.

Our full-service approach means that we collaborate with you to find the employee engagement solutions that suit your requirements, your timescales, and your budget. Since 2006, we have been helping businesses create environments where people can grow, thrive, and succeed.

Our bespoke approach to employee engagement means that we work closely with you to identify your requirements, find the solution that works for your business, and deliver it in your chosen method.

All our services are aimed at supporting you, at every step of your employee engagement journey and include: coaching, training, interactive learning activities, Reward and Recognition programmes and much more

And if you’re looking for ready-to-go eLearning courses for your team, you can register on one of our online courses.

All courses available on The Motivation Agency Online have been developed in partnership with subject matter experts and take no longer than 2 hours to complete, to allow even the busiest person to benefit without committing too much of their time.

Our courses are available online, 24/7, and accessible from any device.

Accredited Activities:

  • Continue & Begin Fast Coaching® Online
  • Meerkat Selling® Online
  • Every Customer Wants®

Who Should Attend:

  • About Continue & Begin Fast Coaching® Online

Many organisations have driven outstanding customer experience and high performance by helping their people be more effective and consistent in their job roles. They have unlocked huge performance gains using a simple, powerful and cost-effective tool – Continue & Begin Fast Coaching® Online.

The Continue & Begin® online training course allows line managers to learn to become a coach at their own pace. The interactivity and authentic scenarios bring the training to life allowing line managers to fully immerse themselves into a coaching role before practising with real people.

  • About Meerkat Selling® Online

Meerkat Selling® Online gives salespeople the skills and confidence to deliver great conversion rates and durable customer relationships, through a deeper understanding of customers’ motivations.

This highly interactive online training uses authentic sales scenarios to bring the content to life, allowing people to fully immerse themselves into the role of a sales professional before using the sales process and its techniques with real customers.

And it’s fast – Meerkat Selling® Online takes less than two hours to complete and enables salespeople to start using their new skills to close sales immediately.

  • About Every Customer Wants® Online

In an extremely competitive world, customer experience is what differentiates you from your competition.

Every Customer Wants® Online has been developed in partnership with Nick Drake-Knight, an internationally acclaimed coach, motivational speaker and author.

Bringing together powerful and proven techniques, Every Customer Wants® helps service professionals create outstanding experiences for every customer, every time. By uncovering the specific needs of the customer, service professionals can deliver real solutions that are personalised and unique, increasing customer satisfaction and driving loyalty.

This highly interactive online training uses authentic scenarios, giving people the opportunity to practise and build their confidence before using the techniques with real custom

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