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CPD Standards Office Provider Number: 21140

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Category: Accountancy, Architecture, Business Skills, Construction & Building Maintenance, Engineering, Financial Services & Legislation, HR & Recruitment, IT & Cyber Security, Law & Legislation, Leadership and Management, Medical, Sales


The Reluctant Salesman Ltd was founded in 2006 to provides sales training designed for those for whom traditional sales methods are ineffective or inappropriate.

The programmes were created specifically for non-salespeople and are of particularly benefit for professional service providers, technical service providers and those who work in sectors such as finance and law where restrictions upon who is permitted to sell the product or service apply.
We work with business owners, directors, managers and anyone who is client-facing and needs to be comfortable and effective in sale conversations, irrespective of their role or level of sales experience.

Accredited Activities:

  • ‘The Power of Authenticity’
  • ’10 New Clients’

Who Should Attend:

The training is designed for anyone looking for an effective approach to selling that is not based on the traditional ‘persuasion’ model but is still able to deliver outstanding results, be that for an individual or team.

Further Information: