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CPD Standards Office Provider Number: 22401

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Category: Communication/Presentation, Construction & Building Maintenance


The Rick Butler Education Institute, which is a community-oriented company founded in The United Arab Emirates in 2017, caters to key technical sectors in disadvantaged areas and developing countries through skills development training and educational gaming simulation.  Our main targets include economic development, skills development, Specialized English, humanitarianism, and EdTech.

Accredited Activities:

  • Essential English 1: Comprehensive English Circuit
  • Essential English II: Professional Writing Seminar
  • Specialized English: Business English Circuit
  • Specialized English: English for Military & Law Enforcement
  • Specialized English: Vocational English – Engineering
  • Vocational English – Healthcare Professionals and Affiliates
  • Intensive Aviation English Course: Air Traffic System (ATS) & Pilots
  • Intensive Aviation English Course: Cabin Crew & Maintenance
  • Intensive Aviation English Course: Pre-Flight & Ground Operations

Who Should Attend:

All training is geared towards working professionals and career-ready youth.  The idea is to combine theoretical elements with practical elements in a classroom to simulate real-world experiences.

Further Information: