The Stylist London

CPD Standards Office Provider Number: 22032

Category: Business Professionals, Education, Fashion, Learning & Development


TSL offer styling services to men and women. It also has academy training courses for personal styling, fashion styling.

With over 25 years in the fashion industry, I offer knowledge and experience from the fashion industry that no other competitive school can offer. We add on to our training – work experience, job opportunities and ongoing support to ensure our students can turn their new skills into a successful business

TLFA is another academy which offers an etiquette course in the style of a finishing school.

I am the co-owner of TLFA. Nowhere in the UK offers such a high-end elite finishing skills academy.

Accredited Activities:

  • The Stylist London Academy Womens Personal Styling Course
  • Fashion and Celebrity Styling
  • The London Finishing Academy 5 Day Course

Who Should Attend:

  • Women’s styling course is aimed at men and women globally who wish to pursue a career as a personal stylist.
  • Men’s styling course is aimed at men and women globally who wish t pursue a career as a stylist and want to add the skill to the first course.
  • Fashion styling course is aimed at young men and women who wish to pursue a career in fashion styling.
  • TLFA course is aimed at a global market of men and women who would like to experience an elite life preparation course to feel confident in all areas of social etiquette and general personal development.

Further Information: