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Category: Coaching Programmes & Solutions, Leadership and Management, Personal & Professional Development


Transformation Academy empowers INDIEpreneurs, life coaches and transformation junkies to create a purpose-driven business so they can money doing what they love and use their gifts to make a unique impact in the world. They have over 100,000 students from 191 countries. Instructors Joeel & Natalie Rivera have over a decade in the field of life coaching, entrepreneurship and psychology. Joeel is a former psychology instructor with a Master’s Degree in Counseling and Education and is currently completing his dissertation for his Ph.D. in Psychology, with an emphasis on happiness.

Accredited Activities:

  • Professional Life Coaching Certification & Complete Guide
  • Business And Entrepreneurship Life Coach Certification
  • Life Purpose: Life Coach Certification
  • Certified Relationship Workshop Facilitator for Life Coaches
  • From Goal to Success: Life Coach Certification
  • REBT Mindset Mastery (Rational Emotive Behavioral Therapy)
  • REBT Mindset Life Coach Certification
  • CBT Cognitive Behavioural Life Coach Certification
  • CBT Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (Human Mind Owner’s Manual)
  • Art Therapy Life Coach Certification
  • Art Therapy for Healing, Happiness & Stress Reduction
  • Group Life Coaching Certification
  • Health And Nutrition Life
  • Coach Certification
  • Emotional Intelligence: Master Anxiety, Fear, & Emotions
  • Complete Guide to Conflict Management in The Workplace
  • Side Hustle Business Startup
  • Confidence Life Coach Certification & Confidence Blueprint
  • Develop True Confidence and A Growth Mindset
  • Email Marketing Campaigns, A Complete Guide
  • Leadership: Growth Mindset for Leadership and Organizations
  • Relationship Coaching: Transform Problems into Growth & Love
  • Manager’s Guide to Difficult Conversations
  • Emotional Intelligence in The Workplace
  • Time Management, Prioritization and Productivity
  • Management Coaching Employee Performance Coach Certification
  • Public Speaking and Presenting At Work
  • Creativity And Innovation for Business
  • Joint Venture Partnerships
  • Discover Your Life Purpose
  • Life Coaching: Convert Free Sessions into Paying Clients
  • Life Coaching: Create Your Signature Life Coaching Package
  • Increase Productivity and Efficiency
  • Life Coach Yourself: Make This Your Best Year Yet
  • Setting And Achieving Goals
  • Online Course Creation, Complete Guide
  • Law Of Attraction & Allowing Your Success Master Class
  • Public Speaking Training & Facilitator Certification
  • Life Coaching: Find Your Profitable Purpose-Driven Niche
  • Psychology Of Memory: Strengthen and Improve Your Memory
  • 21 Day Happiness Challenge
  • Learn Psychology: Why We Think Feel and Act The Way We Do
  • Target Marketing: Find Your Tribe and Niche
  • Get Better Sleep Now
  • Laughter Facilitator Certification
  • Work Life Balance for Entrepreneurs, The Complete Guide
  • Set Boundaries and Take Your Power Back!
  • 21 Days to An Empowered State of Mind
  • Happiness Life Coach Certification
  • Use Public Speaking to Sell from The Stage
  • Write Epic Marketing and Sales Copy
  • Master Your Abundance Mindset
  • Stress Management: Avoid Burnout and Prevent Stress
  • Forgiveness Life Coach Certification
  • Law Of Attraction Life Coach Certification
  • Neuro Linguistic Programming Practitioner Certification
  • Purpose Quest Workshop Facilitator Certification
  • Shamanic Life Coach Certification
  • Transformation Life Coach Certification
  • Mindfulness Life Coach Certification
  • Career Coach Certification
  • Emotional Intelligence Life Coach Certification
  • Meditation Coach & Facilitator Certification
  • Spiritual Life Coach Certification
  • Yoga Life Coach Certification
  • Become A Rockstar Virtual Assistant (Work From Home), A Complete Guide
  • Laughter Facilitator Certification
  • Self-Care Life Coach Certification
  • Belly Core Fitness Instructor Certification
  • Ketogenic Diet Ketosis Nutrition Health Coach Certification
  • Sales Coach Certification (& Sales Skills Training for Coaches & Entrepreneurs)
  • Abundance And Manifestation Life Coach Certification
  • Diet Life Coach Certification (For Weight Management and Lifestyle Change)
  • Empowerment Self-Defense Life Coach Certification

Who Should Attend:

Aspiring or practicing life coaches, entrepreneurs, and transformation junkies.

Further Information: