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Voice training for the 21st century. Vocal Process uses the latest voice science, expert knowledge and techniques to get the best out of everyone’s voice – online or in person. We help speakers and singers around the world improve their voice for business, speech-making or singing. We also offer an accredited training programme for singing teachers. Vocal Process is led by internationally renowned vocal coaches Dr Gillyanne Kayes and Jeremy Fisher, authors of the book “This Is A Voice”, commissioned by the Wellcome Trust. As featured on the BBC, the FT magazine and the Guardian Science Podcast.

Accredited Activities:


Dr Gillyanne Kayes (voice production and singing voice specialist)

Jeremy Fisher (vocal and performance coach)

Online Mobile Activities:

Webinar training – hour-long downloadable training seminars available any time.

  • How We Diagnose: Client Profile
  • How We Diagnose: Vocal Technique
  • What’s in a Warmup?
  • Finding the YOU in every song
  • Exams, Auditions and Competitions
  • Changing your style without losing your ‘voice’
  • Taking Chest Voice Higher
  • Taking Chest Voice Higher part 2 – Mixing
  • Singing in Chest Voice Q&A
  • Maintaining a Healthy Speaking Voice
  • Pitch, Pace and Power (speaking voice)
  • Understanding Head Voice
  • Fine-Tuning Head Voice
  • Singing and the Actor Q&A
  • Successful Singing Auditions Q&A
  • Troubleshooting Vocal Problems 1 – Breathing
  • Troubleshooting Vocal Problems 2 – Range
  • Taking Vocal Technique into Song


  • Singing Teacher’s Retreat
  • The ADVANCED Retreat
  • Inside the Singing Voice: Vocal Technique Unpacked
  • The Performer’s Retreat
  • The Vocal Process Accreditation for singing teachers
  • Meet the Teachers
  • Musical Director’s Vocal Technique Retreat
  • Best Practice Update Day
  • Mastering Musical Theatre
  • Appy Days
  • Mastering Musical Theatre
  • Joining the Dots
  • My Singer Has A Voice Problem (F2F + Online)
  • M1-M2 Workshop
  • Online Singing Teacher Training Week 3
  • Practical Phonetics
  • The SOVT 2 Workshop

Who Should Attend:

  • Webinars for anyone interested in improving their voice (singing or speaking).
  • Coaching sessions for presentations and speeches in the corporate sector, for professional singers and for vocal rehabilitation.
  • Courses for singers, singing teachers and actors.

Further Information: