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Category: Business Consulting, Health & Safety


Water Hygiene Centre Limited

Established in 2009, we provide expert independent water hygiene consultancy services, helping organisations meet the requirements of legislation and guidance needed to control water safety.  We are proud to have developed a reputation based on independence, free from vested interest, and with a high quality of service provided to our clients.

We have a wealth of experienced, qualified and dedicated consultants all of which offer unbiased advice.  Our collective experience includes Microbiologists, Biologists, Risk Assessors, Engineers and Building Services Professionals.

Our clients are spread across the UK and British Isles, within the private / public sector.

Accredited Activities:

  • Water Safety: Management Training – Role of the Responsible Person / Water Safety Group
  • Water Safety: Technical Training – The Role of the Authorised Person / Water Safety Group
  • Water Safety: Management Training – The Role of the Authorised Person – Projects / Design

Who Should Attend:

  • Legionella / Water Safety training is a legal requirement for anyone with a responsibility for the prevention and control of legionella within the workplace.
  • Responsible Person Training
    This course is aimed at the Responsible Person who deals with the legal and management aspects of controlling the risk of Legionella and other waterbourne bacteria.
  • Authorised Person Training [Operations]
    This course is aimed at the Authorised Person who has operational responsibility for the water service. This role involves maintenance of records, quality of service and system safety (integrity). The AP oversees the routine testing of the water, storage and distribution system.
  • Authorised Person Training [Design]
    This course is aimed at those who have a responsibility for managing projects from the design stage through to completion –  be it a new build through to a refurbishment and alterations to existing water systems.  This course would benefit those external organisations who are involved with the design and delivery of developments for their clients (i.e construction and architects).

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