Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining (IOM3)

The Institute of Materials, Minerals, and Mining (IOM3) is a major UK science and engineering institution and a registered charity governed by a Royal Charter.

IOM3's mission is to promote the science, design, engineering, and technology of materials, minerals and mining and their practical applications and facilitate qualifications, professional recognition, and development, and to deliver knowledge, information, and networking services to a global membership and wider community.

IOM3 recommends that as a member, regardless of your grade or stage of career, you should undertake an annual programme of CPD and record the activities with a reflective statement. There is no mandatory requirement for the duration, but it is recommended that 35 hours will be sufficient to maintain competency and demonstrate the necessary commitment to professional standards.


If you hold professional registration with the Engineering Council, Science Council and/or the Society for the Environment, undertaking an annual programme of CPD and maintaining a record of the respective achievements is a mandatory requirement for ongoing registration.

The Institute offers and supports a significant number of such opportunities including:

  • Conferences and seminars run by IOM3 and external organisations
  • Local society events. Full details on the programmes being hosted by IOM3 local societies and technical groups is available elsewhere on this site
  • Work-based learning activities such as project and development work; the design of products or processes; or modifications to ones that already exist
  • Open learning courses and self-directed learning
  • Supporting the learning of others e.g. by being a company-based mentor, lecturing to students or at an Institute event, or being an IOM3 membership assessor
  • Producing written material for general or peer-reviewed publications, websites, or lectures.
  • Institute publications, which are a valuable source of information and learning
  • Participation in professional electronic media such as LinkedIn discussions and webinars

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