Royal Statistical Society (RSS)

Founded in 1834, we are one of the world’s leading organisations advocating for the importance of statistics and data. We’re a professional body for all statisticians and data analysts – wherever they may live.

We have more than 10,000 members in the UK and across the world. As a charity, we advocate for the key role of statistics and data in society, and work to ensure that policy formulation and decision making are informed by evidence for the public good.

Everything we do is guided by our Strategic Plan 2018-22, which has six goals at its heart. You can also view our annual Activity Plan for 2023, which outlines how we are working to achieve our goals.

To see what we've been doing, you can read our 2022 Annual Review (PDF).


Whilst all members are advised to maintain their CPD via the RSS CPD recording tool available for all members. It is a formal requirement for those holding the Chartered Statistician title and/or Advanced Data Science Professional certificate. These members agree to maintain their CPD yearly, attaining 60 hours of learning hours per year. The RSS select a small portion of members in January each year for audit and have to submit to a revalidation process oe evidencing their CPD for the previous 12-24 months. For more information about our CPD requirements, please see our CPD policy.

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