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Category: Diversity & Inclusion, Education & Training Centres, Languages, Personal & Professional Development


Chatterbox: Learn a language, change a life.

Chatterbox is a transformative language learning platform that empowers corporate learners to master languages like English, Spanish, Arabic, French, and more. Our innovative approach intertwines cutting-edge adaptive learning technologies with immersive Live Practices led by a diverse team of highly qualified language coaches from unique professional backgrounds including doctors, academics, and others. This unique blend offers a dual advantage - an engaging learning experience, plus the opportunity to foster cultural intelligence (CQ) by interacting with coaches from varied and marginalised backgrounds.

Accredited Activities:

  • A1-Level Language Training Course

Who Should Attend:

Chatterbox is designed for any corporation, business or NGO seeking a comprehensive and individual language learning solution for their employees. It’s especially suitable for organisations that value cultural intelligence and social impact alongside workforce skill development.

Chatterbox offers a uniquely engaging and effective language-learning platform for a globally-minded workforce. Our learners range from total beginners to those seeking advanced proficiency, and our innovative platform is adaptable to a wide range of learning needs and objectives.

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