Disability Equality Scotland

CPD Standards Office Provider Number: 22427

Category: Business Skills, Communication/Presentation, Marketing & Advertising


Disability Equality Scotland is a national charity working to make life more accessible, equal and inclusive for disabled people in Scotland.

We promote access in its widest sense, including access to the built and natural environment and access to information and inclusive communication.   Thus, promoting a life of dignity, respect, choice and independence for all.

We are a membership-led organisation representing the views of individuals with any type of impairment and disability organisations.

We offer a balanced perspective of having an established and successful Easy Read conversion service and managing the ony network of disability Access Panels across the country.

Accredited Activities:

This provider is currently undergoing accreditation.

Who Should Attend:

The aims and objectives of the Easy Read training course are:
  • To give you the skills and knowledge to produce basic Easy Read documents
  • To develop your confidence in producing accessible documents.
Easy Read Training is delivered online through five 90-minute modules. The modules are communicative and interactive with lots of exercises for you to engage with and learn from.  You will be expected to collaborate with others and contribute to groups. The practical exercises build up from simple everyday examples to complex, abstract concepts. You are introduced to the skills to format and create an Easy Read version of a document. You have an opportunity to receive feedback and create your own checking processes. This ensures that every participant has an opportunity to personally develop your own practical skills and confidence to apply Easy Read knowledge to your work.
The course is designed to allow you the opportunity to challenge existing knowledge, to explore practical examples, to experience converting abstract document content and to reflect upon and evaluate the process. Modules consist of:
  • What accessible information is and why we need it
  • How to write easy-to-understand sentences
  • How to use and source pictures for Easy Read documents
  • How to create Easy Read from blank page to published document
  • How to edit documents and develop your own document checking processes.
This is not a course aimed at Easy Read users. This course is suitable for organisations and individuals:
  • who would like to make their communication more inclusive and accessible,
  • who are involved in producing information,
  • who design and create any kind of document and,
  • who work in public or in-house communications.


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